Terra is a new payment network that uses economic growth in its underlying currency to fund transaction discounts. It is able to do this by reallocating money supply growth to benefit retail consumers instead of central banks. The value proposition to the end-user is simple: we offer you the same checkout experience you've become accustomed to with KakaoPay and Stripe, but at a 5-8% discount made possible by Terra's blockchain monetary policy.

Our pitch has struck home in the highly competitive e-commerce market in APAC, where platforms engage in pricing arms races on razor-thin margins. Today, we've assembled an alliance of platforms ready to use Terra that collectively pushes 25 billion USD in GMV and has 45 million users: TMON, Baemin, Yanolja, Tiki, Carousell, Pomelo, Megabox, Althea,Qoo10 are some of its better known members.

Beyond payments, Terra aims to make financial services accessible to anyone with data and a mobile phone.

Join us on our mission to make financial prosperity accessible to everyone!

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What type of people do we look for at Terra?

We look for hunger in solving problems: Very few people in the world hunger for problems. This is obvious; avoiding problems is intrinsic to human nature. A hunger for problems goes beyond simply liking your work; it is akin to obsession. We look for this spark in our candidates; Do they dig deep into Terra's white paper? Are they annoying us with odd questions outside of the interview process? Once hired, we should aim to bring out this quality in our teammates.

Usually, those with extreme vocational / intellectual obsession are popularly recognized to be brilliant. Teams that manage to scale incentive alignment with people in this class successfully scale to greatness.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Design and build scalable data infrastructure to power analytics and data products for millions of Terra users across multiple geographies
  • Build tools and services that will leverage our extensive data for core business and product decisions
  • Work cross-functionally with the analytics and engineering teams to expand the breadth and sophistication of data that we store and process

You will find it easier to do your job if you have the following qualities. Needless to say, none of these qualities supersede your intellectual and professional curiosity:

  • BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or related field
  • 3+ years experience building large-scale distributed systems
  • Working knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Hive
  • Experience with data warehouse solutions like Amazon Redshift a plus
  • English proficiency required

Who will you be working with?

Our two co-founders are serial entrepreneurs, bringing their successful track records and experience to Terra:

  • Dan founded one of Korea's leading e-commerce companies TMON, as well as startup incubator Fast Track Asia.
  • Do is a distributed systems technologist, formerly founded anyfi.io, wrote patents on mesh network routing, and was previously at Stanford, Apple, and Microsoft.

International and Korean colleagues that are excited about delivering the next big innovation in the story of money:

  • Research Team: Harvard Business School Finance professor, ex Head of the Japanese yen portfolio at the Fed and others
  • Product Team: members with backgrounds at leading Korean payment companies such as KakaoPay and PAYCO
  • Engineering Team: plucked from Stanford, Apple, Microsoft and Google
  • Business Team: members with backgrounds at Harvard, Oxford, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Uber and Private Equity.

... and many others that are at the vanguard of our exciting journey to kickstart the next big innovation in the technology of currency.

If you are tired of simply making money and hope to go down the rabbit hole to rethink how money works, then Terra is the right place for you.