Terra’s mission is to set money free. We believe that money is a form of technology that can be innovated on. As a pioneer in monetary technology, we build open infrastructure, rethink monetary policy, and create revolutionary applications that sets the stage for open financial platforms.

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You will be responsible for the following:

  • Drive adoption for Terra projects by forming partnerships with other blockchain projects and service providers
  • Build and execute a sales & integration pipeline for Terra’s financial services offerings
  • Source & advise internal stakeholders on strategic business lines for Terra to invest in

You will find it easier to do your job if you have the following qualities. Needless to say, none of these qualities supersede your intellectual and professional curiosity:

  • Business development experience in fintech & ecommerce contexts
  • Comfortable working in global contexts with stakeholders from many cultural backgrounds
  • 1+ yrs of experience in a cryptocurrency related firm
  • Strong communicator & public speaker
  • Strong interest in monetary economics, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

If you are tired of simply making money and hope to go down the rabbit hole to rethink how money works, then Terra is the right place for you.