Terra’s mission is to set money free. We believe that money is a form of technology that can be innovated on. As a pioneer in monetary technology, we build open infrastructure, rethink monetary policy, and create revolutionary applications that sets the stage for open financial platforms.

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As a Technical Writer working under Developer Relations, you will be responsible for creating, organizing, and maintaining technical documentation for the Terra blockchain core implementation and developer tooling around it (API, SDKs, Smart Contracts). You will be expected to produce high quality reference and learning materials that are intended for a developer audience with an emphasis on optimizing developer experience.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Working alongside Terra engineers and product managers to create technical documentation: manuals (reference material), user guides, tutorials & guidebooks to facilitate developer onboarding and education
  • Act as an editor and maintain documentation such that it remains up-to-date and consistent with the latest developments
  • Planning, scheduling, and tracking documentation work to meet product release dates
  • Gather developer feedback on documentation to improve usability

You will find it easier to do your job if you have the following qualities. Needless to say, none of these qualities supersede your intellectual and professional curiosity:

  • Strong command of the English language with an emphasis on clarity and precision for technical prose (fit for a technical manual / reference)
  • Excellent understanding of blockchain and familiarity with cryptocurrencies
  • Experience with smart contract platforms and ideas on improving developer experience
  • Strong familiarity with Cosmos-SDK, Tendermint, IBC, Golang, and Rust
  • Passion for clear communication & educating fellow developers
  • Experience maintaining with creating and maintaining knowledge bases
  • Experience working and contributing or leading to open source projects
  • Familiarity with languages: JavaScript, Python

If you are tired of simply making money and hope to go down the rabbit hole to rethink how money works, then Terra is the right place for you.